Oil and Gas Training and Consultancy

With the inexorable rise in demand for energy, the oil and gas industry is tasked with finding new sources of traditional and new forms of energy. This search invariably leads companies to operate in remote and, sometimes, dangerous regions where a lack of unambiguous communication or cultural understanding can put lives at risk.


Oil and gas companies working in far-flung locations employ large numbers of local hires who need to understand basic English so that health and safety instructions are understood and complied with.  Cultural attitudes to risk and incident reporting must also be understood and managed to make sure that health and safety procedures are adhered to.  Locally recruited managers will also need to improve their professional and specialist English skills.  Expatriate managers and senior leaders from the home country will require an enhanced set of cultural and communication skills to build effective relationships with local partners and governments.

What We Provide

At Elimex, we provide training and consultancy to national and commercially independent oil and gas companies, renewable energy firms and the wider petrochemical industry to support their international growth strategy. Interventions range from company-wide English language programmes for oil workers through to intercultural and language training for expatriates relocating overseas and can be delivered virtually and online to allow for unsociable shift patterns and remote locations.

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