Oil Exploration

Elimex Oil and Gas Ghana Limited provides analytical services for oil and gas exploration. This includes surface geochemical methods to detect oil and gas pools below thousands of metres of cover rock. Our Soil Gas Hydrocarbons (SGH), Enzyme Selective Extractions and Bioleach technologies have been used very successfully to identify the surface projection of the buried reduced body. Microbiological activity is probably a very important contributing process.

Exploration and Refinery

The complete chemistry of geological units helps to provide calibration of well logging techniques as well chemostratigraphic correlations. Samples as small as individual microfossils can be used.

Using our new FEG-SEM-MLA automated mineralogy solution combined with total chemistry determined by INAA, prompt gamma analysis, ICP, ICP/MS, High Resolution ICP/MS, XRF as well as XRD can completely characterize geological materials.

Refinery products can be analyzed by INAA for corrosive chemistry such as Cl in petroleum distillates. Process waters used in tar sands applications as well as for environmental applications can also be completely characterized.

Age dating and isotopic analysis of rocks as well as petroleum can help unravel geological processes and provide dates of various geological events.

Complete oil shale chemistry including elemental analysis, Fisher Assays and Rock Eval analysis is provided.

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